Cornerstone Center for Counseling and Discipleship is a new Para-Church ministry in Tehachapi California. The goal of Cornerstone is to bring hope and healing to our community through pastoral counseling, leadership development, and discipleship. We believe firmly in the call that as the Church we are called to meet the needs of those in community.

As a nonprofit para-church organization we can only meet the needs of our community by partnering with individuals and the churches of Tehachapi to help offset the cost of counseling for those who cannot afford it.

The Need

  • 1 in 5 people in the United States has a mental illness and nearly half do not receive the care that they need. This statistic does not include those who need general counseling for grief, marriage, etc.
  • Many do not receive the care they need for two reasons
    • First, because of the stigma associated with therapy and counseling. A stigma that reaches further in areas that are considered conservative.
    • Second, the cost of counseling is more than most families in the lower middle, and lower economic classes can afford.  
  • Statistics show that while an individual or family may not go to see a therapist or counselor they are willing to seek counseling and care from clergy. The problem that arises is that the majority of clergy, even those who receive graduate education, only take one introductory course to care and counseling.
  • In Tehachapi there are almost a dozen professional counselors, therapists, and psychologists. There is one who provides occasional Christian counseling, but he focuses more on therapy for mental illness. Three other counselors of the other counselors are Christian, but do not provide Christian counseling.
  • The Solution: Cornerstone will meet the needs by providing pastoral counseling to the community using a sliding scale to determine cost of sessions (group and 1 to 1), provide further counseling training to the pastors and leaders of Tehachapi, and offer classes for personal and spiritual development.